The medical establishment would have us believe that it would be impossible to survive on a regimen of champagne, caviar and filterless handmade cigarettes, much less save the world or execute a daring jewel theft.

Here, then, is the case for the defence. The Buckshot Brogue Library is a tribute to lazy afternoons spent trawling the schedules, hoping to discover some quirky gem where sharply dressed chaps trade snappy repartee with femmes fatales, swigging cocktails as the bodies and clues pile up, of blaggers and bagmen, secret plans and sports cars.

The Buckshot Brogue Library proudly presents those overlooked classics-in-waiting for armchair adventurers everywhere. For every Bullitt, there’s a Robbery, for every 007, an OSS117, for every The 39 Steps… another two or three versions of The 39 Steps.

Mix yourself a sundowner, put on your sharpest three-piece and get ready for a trip through our archives…