The Door With Seven Locks: Hell Toupee

In Pathe Films’ adaptation of Edgar Wallace’s novel, the titular door is locked when the old Lord Selford dies, sealing in his bequest to his successor. Years pass, and the new tenant of Selford Hall, the scheming Dr. Manetta, and the embittered staff of the Selford household acquire six of the seven keys required to retrieve the legacy. The seventh is sent to June Lansdowne. June joins forces with ex-policeman Richard Martin as they struggle to stay ahead of Manetta and solve the riddle of The Door With Seven Locks…

If all that sounds a bit OTT, it is. The first words that sprang to mind as the dying Lord Selford chewed his last piece of scenery and explained the plot in minute detail were ‘eye-rolling camp’. The Door With Seven Locks is huge fun- but why?  And where exactly does the wig come into it?

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