The Z Murders, by J. Jefferson Fargeon: 24-Hour Darty People

Picture the series 24 as a 1930s BBC radio drama; proceedings kick off as a chap in evening dress plummily intones: ‘the following events take place between…’

The Z Murders takes place over the course of 36 hours but has the kind of dashing about that Jack Bauer would find familiar.  When Richard Temperley arrives back in London after a train journey spent in the company of a disagreeable man who snores the whole way, he finds himself at a loose end. Heading to the lounge of a nearby hotel, Temperley nods off and wakes to find the man he’d travelled down with dead in a nearby chair, a small metal ‘Z’ left on the body, and a young woman hurrying from the scene.

What happens next?  Read on…

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