The Frightened City: The Grime Scene

The Frightened City takes an unsparing look beneath the surface of London’s West End, revealing a morass of gangsters, protection rackets and petty criminals struggling to stay afloat. When crooked financer Waldo Zernikov (Herbert Lom) seeks to unite the West End’s criminal fraternity under his banner, how long will it be before the fragile peace is shattered? Can burglar Paddy Damion (Sean Connery) survive long enough to make the money he needs to support his crippled friend?

Shot in unfanciful style by director John Lemont, The Frightened City captures the capital before the Swinging Sixties hit. The theme is by The Shadows, abandoned by Cliff Richard and soon to be eclipsed by The Beatles; Connery, a year before Dr No, gets third billing; London is a grey metropolis awash with guns, grenades and other grim remnants of the last war…

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