The Avengers- Series Three: Gale Force!

Ask people what they associate with The Avengers and they’ll mention Steed and Mrs Peel, bowler hats, leather boots, fantastical schemes to take over the world and copious amounts of champagne. All are valid points and reflect the show in its 1965-67 heyday, but for some the series’ defining moment had already passed.

Series Three marks the show’s transition to the formula for which it became famous. Steed’s character is expanded on a little: he is an agent for some secret government department. He is teamed with academic Cathy Gale, played by Honor Blackman. The cheroot-smoking, leather-clad Cathy is a judo expert and a ‘ton up’ motorcyclist. She’s also slightly older than Steed’s subsequent foils, making theirs more a relationship of equals. Daringly for the time, they are frequently seen letting themselves in and out of each other’s flats.

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