The Corridor People: Pinter-est!

Originally aired in 1966, The Corridor People has never been repeated, only seeing the light of day thanks to Network DVD. It concerns the various plots of criminal mastermind Syrie van Epp, played by Elizabeth Shepherd, the original choice for The Avengers’ Emma Peel. Syrie’s plots are variously thwarted and abetted by American private eye Phil Scrotty (Gary Cockerell) who is in turn either working with or against Mr Kronk of Department K (John Sharp). The other regulars are Inspector Blood (Alan Curtis) and Sergeant Hound (William Maxwell) who are somewhere between a music hall double act and Tintin’s Thompson and Thomson.

Writer Eddie Boyd (creator of the equally odd The Odd Man) lets his imagination run riot: where else does the MOD have a Prophecy Approximation Department, complete with bitchy, gossiping computer? Alcoholic scientists resurrecting corpses to cover the fact that Scrotty isn’t actually dead? Assassinations carried out by midgets in prams?

Where indeed…

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