Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife, by Georges Simenon- Drink and Think

In this 1953 outing, Chief Inspector Maigret is approached by the wife of a local safebreaker who has vanished after stumbling across a dead woman during a job at the home of a dentist, Guillaume Serre. Maigret’s investigations lead to Serre’s house, where the dentist and his mother deny knowledge of either a burglary or a body- and both insist Serre’s wife, not seen in several days, has gone on holiday.

Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife is an observant, intelligent mystery that builds steadily as Maigret attempts to break his opponent’s alibi armed with a conspicuous lack of brick dust in the dentist’s car and a window pane that may have been repaired after a recent storm, but could easily be the one the burglar removed to gain access to the house.

Are the family hiding something? Can Maigret prove it?  Read on…

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