Sweet Danger, by Margery Allingham- Campion it up…

Imagine John Le Mesurier playing Columbo in a screenplay by PG Wodehouse and you pretty much have Albert Campion. If you like your mysteries fast-paced, witty and more than a little bonkers, then these are the books for you.

Having recently become the de facto Hereditary Paladin of Averna, a small but oil rich outpost of the empire (you wanted bonkers…), Campion has returned to Britain to reunite the rightful title holders, the penniless Fitton family, with their birthright and to thwart the designs of the tycoon Bret Savernake on Averna’s mineral riches. That’s right, a grasping oligarch from the world of business planning to steamroller the heads of smaller nations to achieve his aims. Of course, this is fiction and could never happen in real life.

Throw in an ancient prophecy, a black magic-loving village doctor, a bit of cross-dressing and a very early sound system held in the wilds of West Suffolk and here’s what you get…

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